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Who we are

About us

We are a Czech company that serves customers on the European market. We have been operating as Programmatic s.r.o. since 2013, but our experience with digital marketing and cooperation with publishers dates back to the early years of the 21st century. In 2013 we sold the first Programmatic impression on the Czech market. Our team of experts approaches each client individually. We are thus able to advance your services not only technologically, but above all by setting it up right from your business perspective. Let´s meet over a cup of coffee!

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Our offering for companies

Data is essential and we help you protect, collect and, above all, work with it. Other services include deploying new technologies, managing your online activities more efficiently, setting up the right marketing communications or connecting third-party systems.

We are able to complement your in-house resources and expertise in the use of selected technologies.


Customer Data Platform

More relevant, one-to-one communication with your customers thanks to a unified view of their data.


Do you want your programmatic campaigns to be effective and help you meet your KPI's?

Consent Management Platform

Do you need to collect consent from visitors to your website?


Do you want to see in one place data linked from different sources, sorted and visualized according to your needs, and to the variables you define?

Ad-Tech audit

Optimise your online budget with strategic planning. On average, 67% of your budget can be allocated more efficiently. Want to check it out?

Technological support

Want to better leverage the potential of the technology you use to manage your advertising campaigns? Technology support for: GOOGLE CAMPAIGN MANAGER 360, DISPLAY & VIDEO 360, ADFORM, XANDR.

How can we help publishers?

Move from selling impressions to maximizing revenue from each user. By collecting data about your website users more efficiently, we can help you optimize your ad inventory and increase your opt-in rate. If you need to connect systems and use data from different sources more efficiently, we offer our services there as well.


Publisher Data Platform

Rethink your website monetization strategy with Publisher Data Platform

Consent Management Platform

Optimise your consent strategy with TCF 2.0

Technological support

Would you like to better leverage the potential of the technologies you use to manage your ad space? Technology support for: BROWSI, GOOGLE Ad MANAGER, SMART AdSERVER, TEADS, ADFFORM, XANDR, SKLIK.


Create a perfect ad inventory.

Do you need something else?

We can also create customized products for our partners. Let us know exactly what you need.

Cooperation models

For more effective cooperation, we offer several options on how to proceed. Each contains specific options to improve your product/service for the best possible price/performance ratio.

Technological support

End-2-end cooperation on complex technological projects:

• project management
• expert consultations
• implementation

Our clients are publishers, corporations and e-commerce companies.


Strategic and technological consulting in the field of:

• programmatic purchasing
• data handling (GDPR compliant) – connecting the offline and online worlds
• ad inventory optimization and monetization of websites
• advertising platforms trainings



Expert implementation and setup of technology with respect to business and marketing objectives.

Interim / Ad hoc assistance

We like to experiment and we are not afraid of new challenges, so in addition to standard ad hoc assistance, we will also take on non-standard problems.

Interim – outsourcing of human resources for the implementation of projects for a limited period of time.

What clients say about us
and who we work with

Trust is essential and so is verification of experience. We work with data from many customers and connect many systems. Below we list logos of some customers and a few quotes from satisfied customers.

Matěj, Trima News

Programmatic has shown us a wide range of programmatic sales issues. Thanks to the high quality presentations and individual adserver settings that exactly match our sales structure, we are now able to respond to all demands of different clients. We are ready for direct sales and agency representation as well as RTB and self-promotion work.

Účastník workshopu „Úvod do programmaticu“

Slow Motion Game was a great experience! I finally understand how programmatic works!

Honza, bjež.cz

We don't understand acronyms like DSP, SSP, CPA, openRTB, DMP or how to deploy FB pixel on the web and optimize digital strategy... but we understand what our friends at Programmatic are telling us and advising us... and that's why our e-shop is thriving.

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