Manage your online activities efficiently

Would you like to see all data linked from different sources in one place? Sorted and visualized according to your needs, according to the variables you define? Our dashboards will help you better manage your online activities:

Channel performance - track campaign results across different metrics (CTR, CPM, CPC), channels and formats.

Cross-country overview - track trends and defined metrics by country or region (abnomalities, trends, differences across regions, campaign types and results).

Managed online spendings - regular data interpretation and evaluation, recommended budget allocation between channels, exchange of experience (cross-market teamwork), trend monitoring and effective response to deviations.

How can we help you


In the analytical phase, we will create a dashboard design based on an analysis of your business needs and the goals the dashboard should fulfill. We will analyze data sources (defining parameters to track) and create designs for measuring and visualizing data. Then we will connect the data sources and perform data validation. We will help you to choose a suitable data visualization solution (PowerBi, Datorama, Tableau…).


Based on regular analysis of the original reporting setup, we revise and optimize the original assignment to achieve the final solution. We can modify once finished solution at any time according to your current needs.


As part of our services, we offer assistance with regular data analysis and interpretation.

Our solution

We design customized dashboards according to the requirements of our customers. We spend a lot of time on the initial assignment, analysis and understanding the specifics of your business. Based on this, we develop a set of recommendations for tracking the KPI’s that are responsible for the success or failure of your online marketing activities.

Use cases

Detection and prevention of anomalies – simple and fast inspection.
Outliers values are detectable at a glance thanks to dashboards and alerts.
Interactive dashboards allow you to set up different views according to your current needs.

Comparison of performance indicators from a cross-country perspective. Control of set KPI´s, subsequent adjustment and their optimization.

Benchmarking – a view that allows you to identify differences between countries, for example.

Interactive dashboards allow you to set up different views according to your current needs.

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