Optimise your online budget with strategic planning

On average, 67% of the budget can be allocated more efficiently. Want to check?

MEDIA MIX - we will help you revise and build the right media plan with your campaign objectives in mind.

PURCHASE INDICATORS - we will check your current price levels, look at your private deals setup and prepare recommendations.

PROPER USE OF TECHNOLOGY - we'll take a look at the technology settings you're using and help you set them up optimally.

How can we help you

We use 3leyers methodology

Media layer – analysis of the potential of individual online channels.

Buying layer – analysis of individual media buying prices and budget allocation to individual channels.

Technology layer – analysis of the technical setup of your platform.

Our solution

The AdTech audit is carried out in three simple steps:

  1. Data sources – we will extract the data of your current campaigns from DSP and AdServers.
  2. Data analysis – we will analyze your data and at the same time compare it with data from our
    custom reports; we will reveal weaknesses.
  3. Report and presentation of results – we will prepare a clear report and prepare recommendations.
    We will be happy to help you with the implementation.

Cooperation models

Audit –analysis of the current use of the potential of campaigns, taking into account all aspects that affect them.

Consultation and implementation – once the audit has been created, we will help you to implement individual recommendations, whether strategic or technical.

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