Do you need to collect consent from your website visitors?
Optimize your consent strategy.

Do you handle consent collection on your website?

USE REMARKETING - If you want to use remarketing ad targeting, you need the user's consent.

WEBSITE PERSONALIZATION - If you want to be more relevant and display content tailored to repeat visitors, you need their consent.

FOLLOW THE LEGISLATIVE - site owners have to fulfill legal requirements of user´s settings of the CMP bar.

How can we help you


We will help you fine-tune your system for effective consent collection; debug your existing solution or implement a completely new one.

Consent collection optimization

We optimize consent collection in terms of technological and legislative requirements
taking into account the needs of your website users and your business goals.

We can help you:

  • Define the situations in which consent needs to be obtained and how to manage effectively consent that has already been collected.
  • Define the responsibilities and dependencies of all parties (user, vendor, publisher).
  • Set up the process from a technology perspective.
  • Properly configure the CMP platform you are using.
  • Facilitate migration to a more flexible platform if there is something missing in your current one.

Our solution

Ecological approach

Our approach goes beyond traditional consent collection. We believe in sustainable marketing, where all stakeholders – publishers, advertisers and media users – are treated equally with respect to their needs. We believe that consent given voluntarily, with full knowledge of all the consequences that follow, is more valuable than consent forced or obtained by breaking the rules. We offer a solution that takes this into account.


Cooperation models


Implementation and technical setup of available technologies.

We solve:

  • Correct setting of consent parameters.
  • Correct launching of technologies according to the purpose and user’s choice.
  • Transfer of consents between technologies.
  • IFTTT scenarios for consent/partial consent/dis-consent.
  • Data export.

Actively working with Consent Manager and Cookiebot.



We offer A/B testing of solutions from a UX perspective:

– Bar design
– Copywriting

All with consideration of meeting business objectives.


We are licensed partners of Consent Manager and Cookiebot.

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