Rethink your monetization strategy of your
website thanks to  Publisher Data Platform.

Would you like...

... to get your website users to spend more time on it?

... that the traffic to your website gradually increases thanks to data and machine learning?

... to be able to offer more relevant content to your website visitors?

... that your customers' data is processed automatically in all systems, in compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy?

How can we help you


Comprehensive analysis of the current state – led by experts in the field(ex-directors of online departments of agencies and multinationals, SSP technology specialists and business consultants with deep knowledge of the publishing business).

The analysis includes a map of the current state of external and internal data sources, including recommendations in the form of a roadmap.


We do not offer only theoretical outcomes, but the possibility of testing proposed recommendations.

We are primarily practitioners who come up with their own ideas for a business case, we set everything up directly in your systems and if necessary connect with our platform, evaluate and optimize.

Implementation of ready-made use cases according to Customer Value Management 

Choose from ready-made use cases, tailored to your needs.

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Our solution

CLEVERCHEST is a unique platform that will help boost your business by working efficiently with data. Our platform offers several levels – from setting up and testing simple use cases to complex enterprise solutions.

Choose the model of cooperation that suits you best. We will provide you with an experienced team and ideas how to use the data. We will run a pilot project, test and optimize the solution. Everything will happen either on your platform or using ours.

Use cases

We work with a CVM framework (Customer Value Management) – we will help you choose a strategy for each stage of your users’ lifecycle.

Fulfill this strategy with individual activities at each stage.


Customizing content for individual users – recommending articles, selecting ads/articles, etc.

Author KPI´s 

Every author can see how his/her articles help with acquisition, lifecycle (next visits) and retention and can adjust style of writing to improve KPI.

Targeted and paid notifications

Appropriate personalised notifications help with daily traffic retention and allow you to regain users’ attention, i.e. increase the number of visits.

Improvement of Ad efficiency

Optimizing ad space for publishers who want much more than the number of impressions. Create an ad platform where advertisers believe in ROI.

Cross promo / Adwasher 

Decide whether you want to display your own articles, articles of related web content or advertising. Use the 1-1 decision to maximize revenue.

Price sensivity

What is the optimal price for an article, subscription, renewal? Test gently but effectively and maximize your profit. Observe the cannibalization.

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